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I write about software development, cloud engineering, & automation

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Nate Duff

I have spent the past 7 years learning to develop, test, & automate solutions in Microsoft 365, the Azure Cloud, & Azure DevOps and at this point I think I have a knack for it but I can for sure tell you that I absolutely enjoy it. So I figured why not put all that passion and experience to good use and write a blog!

These days I might be creating a public facing application written in ReactJS (like this one), public or internal applications written in Blazor, automating regular disaster recovery validation using Azure Pipeines & PowerShell scripts, or even creating infrastructure-as-code using Terraform and Bicep.

I have a unique and diligent approach when it comes to application lifecycle management, I speak better PowerShell than I ever did Spanish, but most importenly I love saving money & solving problems so if you are interested stick around!

Azure Admin Expert
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About the Blog

This site serves as my blog, portfolio site, and as an example of the type of solution that I enjoy building and managing in Azure. I wrote the YAML pipeline & infrastructure-as-code definitions, back-end Azure Function API, and the front-end ReactJS site myself. The following sections describe these areas in a bit more detail but full blog posts will also be available soon for an even deeper dive.

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